Gusii Collection Documents (33 documents)

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Culture summary: Gusii
The appropriation of fertility: descent and sex among the Gusii
Bridewealth, women, and land: social change among the Gusii of Kenya
Grain, cattle, and power: the social processes of intensive cultivation and exchange in precolonial western Kenya
Detachability of women: gender and kinship in processes of socioeconomic change among the Gusii of Kenya
Socioeconmic stratification and marriage payments: elite marriage and bridewealth among the Gusii of Kenya
Gender and life-course strategies among the Gusii
Witchcraft and sorcery in a Gusii community
Adulthood among the Gusii of Kenya
The Gusii family
Gusii funerals: meanings of life and death in an African community
Gusii sex offenses: a study in social control
Gusii culture: a person-centered perspective
Gusii fertility, marriage, and family
Pregnancy and birth
Infant care: cultural norms and interpersonal environment
Survival and health: priorities for early development
Communication and social learning during infancy
Variations in infant interaction: illustrative cases
Nyansongo: a Gusii community in Kenya
The dreams of young Gusii women: a content analysis
Crime or affliction?: rape in an African community
Mothers and wives: Gusii women of East Africa
Separation and indivduation in an African society: the developmental tasks of the Gusii married woman
The nature of kinship relations: the significance of the use of kinship terms among the Gusii
The lineage principle in Gusii society
Gusii bridewealth law and custom
Gusii initiation ceremonies
The Gusii mothers of Nyansongo: Kenya, Africa
Population growth in a Kenya community
The malaria cognate: folk classification of illness among the Abagusii of Kenya
Cultural narratives, violence, and mother-son loyalty: an exploration into Gusii personification of evil
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