Yoruba Collection Documents (32 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
The laws and customs of the Yoruba people
Culture summary: Yoruba
The sanctions of Ifa divination
The principle of seniority in the social structure of the Yoruba
Yoruba food
Yoruba cooking
The sociological role of the Yoruba cult-group
Social status, wealth and individual differences among the Yoruba
Teh Esusu: a credit institution of the Yoruba
Ifa Divination: comments on the paper by J. D. Clarke
The Yoruba of Southwestern Nigeria
Ifa divination
Three Yoruba fertility ceremonies
The Yoruba-speaking peoples of south-western Nigeria
Native administration in the British African territories: part III, West Africa: Nigeria, Gold Coast, Sierra Leone, Gambia
Manners and customs
The Yoruba lineage
Craft organization on Yoruba towns
Some problems of tenancy in Yoruba land tenure
The traditional political system of the Yoruba
The integration of the new economic classes into local government in western Nigeria
Some modern changes in the government of Yoruba towns
The Yoruba of Nigeria
Sex and the empire that is no more: gender and the politics of metaphor in Oyo Yoruba religion
The Atinga cult among the south-western Yoruba: a sociological analysis of a witch-finding movement
Yoruba-speaking peoples in Dahomey
Theistic beliefs of the Yoruba and Ewe peoples of West Africa
Native administration in Nigeria
Indigenous Yoruba psychiatry
Kinship and lineage among the Yoruba
The terminology of kinship and marriage among the Yoruba
Land tenure in the Yoruba provinces
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