Igbo Collection Documents (38 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
The world of the Ogbanje
Ropes of sand: studies in Igbo history and culture
Culture summary: Igbo
Afrikan matriarchal foundations: the Igbo case
Male daughters, female husbands: gender and sex in an African society
The Ibo-speaking peoples of southern Nigeria: a selected annotated list of writings, 1627-1970
Among the Ibos of Nigeria: an account of the curious and interesting habits, customs and beliefs of a little known African people by one who has for many years lived amongst them on close and intimate terms
Niger Ibos: a description of the primitive life, customs and animistic beliefs, etc., of the Ibo people of Nigeria
Dancing women and colonial men: the NWAOBIALA of 1925
The demon superstition: abominable twins and mission culture in Onitsha history
Fires, tricksters and poisoned medicines: popular cultures of rumor in Onitsha, Nigeria and its markets
Married in the water: spirit kin and other afflictions of modernity in southeastern Nigeria
The world as marketplace: historical, cosmological, and popular constructions of the Onitsha market system
Ibo (Igbo)
Ibo village affairs
Ritual roles of women in Onitsha Ibo society
The king in every man: evolutionary trends in Onitsha Ibo society and culture
An outline of traditional Onitsha Ibo socialization
Barriers to agricultural development: a study of the economics of agriculture in Abakaliki area, Nigeria
Ecology and social structure among the North eastern Ibo
Ibo age organization, with special reference to the Cross River and north-eastern Ibo
African women: a study of the Ibo of Nigeria
Dancing histories: heuristic ethnography with the Ohafia Igbo
Law and authority in a Nigerian tribe: a study in indirect rule
Studies in Ibo political systems: chieftaincy and politics in four Niger states
Anioma: a social history of the Western Igbo people
Socio-economic and cultural aspects of food and food habits in rural Igboland
The role of women in social change among the Igbo of southeastern Nigeria west of the River Niger
The Afikpo Ibo of eastern Nigeria
Marriage relationships in the double descent system of the Afikpo Ibo of southeastern Nigeria
Double descent in an African society: the Afikpo village-group
Leadership and authority in an African society: the Afikpo village-group
Masked rituals of Afikpo, the context of an African art
Boyhood rituals in an African society: an interpretation
Ibo politics: the role of ethnic unions in Eastern Nigeria
Anthropological report on the Ibo-speaking peoples of Nigeria: pt. I. Law and custom of the Ibo of the Awka neighbourhood, S. Nigeria
Anthropological report on the Ibo-speaking peoples of Nigeria: pt. IV. Law and custom of the Ibo of the Asaba district, S. Nigeria
The Igbo of southeast Nigeria
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