Akan Collection Documents (45 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Separateness of spouses: conjugal resources in an Ashanti town
The youngmen and the porcupine: class, nationalism and Asante’s struggle for self-determination, 1954-1957
Asante praise poems: the ideology of patrimonialism
Peasants in 19th-century Asante
Political and military roles of Akan women
‘No elders present’: commoners and private ownership in Asante, 1807-96
The position of the chief in the modern political system of the Ashanti: a study of the influence of contemporary social change on Ashanti political institutions
Separation between trading and home for Asante women in Kumasi Central Market, Ghana
Onions are my husband: survival and accumulation by West African market women
Gold Coast: Akan laws and customs and the Akim Abuakwa constitution
The Gold Coast Akan
Witchcraft in Ghana: a study on the belief in destructive witches and its effect on the Akan tribes
The Fanti family system
Fanti marriage customs
Some new shrines of the Gold Coast and their significance
Search for security: an ethno-psychiatric study of rural Ghana
Kinship and marriage among the Ashanti
Ashanti Survey, 1945-46: an experiment in social research
Culture summary: Akan
Gold Coast native institutions with thoughts upon a healthy imperial policy for the Gold Coast Ashanti
The Fanti Asafu
Fanti kinship: language, inheritance, and kin groups
Accumulation, wealth and belief in Asante history: I. to the close of the ninteenth century
The Asante
Place of 'oaths' in the constitutional set-up of Asante
The early history of the Akan states of Ghana
Funeral dirges of the Akan people
Kinship and cocoa farming in Ghana
Religion and art in Ashanti
Ashanti law and constitution
Ashanti proverbs: (the primitive ethics of a savage people)
Fighting with art: appliquéd flags of the Fante Asafo
Fanti customary laws: a brief introduction to the principles of the native laws and customs of the Fanti and Akan Districts of the Gold Coast, with a report of some cases thereon decided in the law courts
Fanti national constitution: a short treatise on the constitution and government of the Fanti, Asanti, and other Akan tribes of West Africa, together with a brief account of the discovery of the Gold Coast by Portuguese navigators, a short narration of early English voyages, and a study of the rise of British Gold Coast jurisdiction, etc., etc.
Girls' nubility rites on Ashanti
The population of Ashanti: a geographical analysis
Who is a wife?: legal expressions of heterosexual conflicts in Ghana
The dynamics of Fanti domestic organisation: a comparison with Fortes’ Ahanti survey
The Akan of Ghana: an overview of the ethnographic literature
The Techiman-Bobo of Ghana: an ethnography of an Akan society
Forests of gold: essays on the Akan and the Kingdom of Asante
On mentally mapping Greater Asante: a study of time and motion
The proverb in the context of Akan rhetoric: a theory of proverb praxis
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