Fon Collection Documents (15 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Fon appliqued cloths
The Fon of Dahomey: a history and ethnography of the Old Kingdom
Belief, Legitimacy and the Kpojito: an institutional history of the 'Queen Mother' in precolonial Dahomey
The art of assemblage
The path of the leopard: motherhood and majesty in early Danhomé
Dahomean marriage: a revaluation
Dahomey: the development of a proto-state; an essay in historical reconstruction
Culture Summary: Fon
Dahomey, an ancient West African kingdom: volume 1
Dahomey, an ancient West African kingdom: volume 2
An outline of Dahomean religious belief
The politics of commercial transition: factional conflict in Dahomey in the context of the ending of the Atlantic slave trade
L'Ancien Royaume du Dahomey
The Fon of Dahomey
Traditional market economy in south Dahomey
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