Rural Irish Collection Documents (33 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
The Irish countryman: an anthropological study
Family and community in Ireland
The home "place": center and periphery in Irish house and family systems
Culture, health beliefs and attitudes in a rural Irish community
Irish folk ways
The Tory Islanders: a people of the Celtic fringe
Inishbofin: an Atlantic island
Graziers and grasslands: portrait of a rural Meath community 1854-1914
Displacement and development: class, kinship, and social change in Irish rural communities
Gender relationships, matching, and marriage customs in an Irish rural community
Studies of Irish rural settlement
The changing role of the family in a rural Irish community
Farm succession in modern Ireland: elements of a theory of inheritance
Co-operation and rural development: Plunkett's approach
The dynamic quality of Irish rural settlement
Attitudes of Irish mothers to child rearing
Sex and repression in an Irish folk community
Inis Beag: isle of Ireland
Partners in production?: women, farm and family in Ireland
"Life underneath the market": herders and gombeenmen in ninteenth-century Donegal
Changing agricultural strategies in a Kerry parish
Custom, courts, and class formation: constructing the hegmonic process through the petty sessions of a southeastern Irish parish, 1821-1884
Migration and filial bonds: attitudes of Cork farmers and Dublin men
Social stratification in the Republic of Ireland: the horizontal and the vertical mosaic
Culture Summary: Rural Irish
Bás inEirinn: cultural constructions of death in Ireland
"Man the fisher": salmon fishing and the expression of community in a rural Irish settlement
Colonialism and community structure in western Ireland
Images of development and underdevelopment in Glencolumbekille, County Donegal, 1830-1970
Defending rural interests against Nationalists in 20th-century Ireland: a tale of three movements
A folklore survey of County Clare
Culture and class among the "large" farmers of eastern Ireland
Ireland's land questions: a historical perspective
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