Pashtun Collection Documents (22 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Pukhtun economy and society: traditional structure and economic development in a tribal society
Millenium and charisma among Pathans: a critical essay in social anthropology
Culture summary: Pashtun
Cousin marriage in context: constructing social relations in Afghanistan
Tribe and community among the Ghilzai Pashtun: preliminary notes on ethnographic distribution and variation in eastern Afghanistan
There are no KHANS anymore: economic development and social change in tribal Afghanistan
Social structure and the veil: comportment and the composition of interaction in Afghanistan
Political leadership among Swat Pathans
Features of person and society in Swat: collected essays on Pathans
Women, honour and love: some aspects of the Pashtun woman's life in eastern Afghanistan
Agnates, affines and allies: patterns of marriage among Pashtun in Kunar, North-East Afghanistan
The Pashtuns of Kunar: tribe, class and community organization
Learning from the Swat Pathans: political leadership in Afghanistan, 1978-1997
Marriage among the Pakhtun nomads of eastern Afghanistan
Herds and households among Pashtun pastoral nomads: limits of growth
Nomads of Gharjistan: aspects of the economic, social and political organization of the nomadic Durrani Pashtun of Northwest Afghanistan
Generosity and jealousy: the Swat Pukhtun of northern Pakistan
Leadership categories and social processes in Islam: the cases of Dir and Swat
Direct exchange and brideprice: alternative forms in a complex marriage system
Matrons and mistresses: women and boundaries in two Middle Eastern tribal societies
Marriage preferences and ethnic relations among Durrani Pashtuns of Afghan Turkestan
Sheikhanzai women: sisters, mothers and wives
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