Garo Collection Documents (34 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Markets of Garo Hills: an assessment of their socio-economic implications
Rengsanggri: family and kinship in a Garo village
Garo kinship terms and the analysis of meaning
Christianity and development among the Garos
The institution of nokmaship in Garo Hills: some observations
Some cultural and linguistic aspects of the Garos
Development of education in Garo Hills: continuity and change
A Study of social attitudes among the Garo
The Mahari among the Garo
A Study of women’s position among the Garo
A Garo tale and its analogues
Female autonomy and fertility among the Garo of north central Bangladesh
Changing a’chik-mande: need for further research
Garo of Bangladesh: religion, ritual and world view
A Study of culture change in two Garo villages
Garo poetry
The Garo customary laws and the application of general laws in Garo Hills
Traditions and modernity in matrilineal tribal society
Arts, architecture and wood carving
Economic changes in Garo Hills: some perspectives
A magico-religious ceremony in connection with the disease of a Garo
Demographic profile of the Garo Hills
Concept of maintenace in Garo customary law
The Garos
The folk-tales of the Garos
Culture summary: Garo
Development and formation of vocabulary in Garo
Handicrafts and textiles
The Garos: the name, meanings, and its origin
Garo culture: songs, dances, music, traditional and emerging
Garo folk literature
Renaissance in Garo literature
The Psyche of the Garos
Religious beliefs and customs among the Garo
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