Inner Mongolia Collection Documents (16 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
The Mongols at China's edge: history and the politics of national unity
The land of the camel: tents and temples of Inner Mongolia
The economic development and prospects of Inner Mongolia (Chahar, Suiyuan and Ningsia)
Chinese colonization in Mongolia: a general survey
A regional handbook on the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Health and living conditions
Manners and customs of the people of Inner Mongolia
Sex, death, and hierarchy in a Chinese city: an anthropological account
Culture summary: Inner Mongolia
Birth, infancy and childhood among the Ordos Mongols
Hunting customs of the Ordos Mongols
Sickness, death and burial among the Mongols of the Ordos Desert
Chinese colonization in Inner Mongolia: its history and present development
The Mongols of Manchuria: their tribal divisions, geographical distribution, historical relations with Manchus and Chinese, and present political problems
Cowboys and cultivators: the Chinese of Inner Mongolia
Changing Inner Mongolia: pastoral Mongolian society and the Chinese state
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