Mongolia Collection Documents (22 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
My Mongolia
DEEL, GER, and altar: continuity and change in Mongolian material culture
Mongolian nomadic society: a reconstruction of the 'medieval' history of Mongolia
The herding household: economy and organization
A Society and economy in transition
Nationalism and hybridity in Mongolia
The twentieth century: from domination to democracy
Preliminary remarks on Mongolian musical instruments
Mongolian People's Republic (Outer Mongolia)
Outer Mongolia and its international position
The changing world of Mongolia's nomads
Rituals of death as a context for understanding personal property in socialist Mongolia
Culture summary: Mongolia
Kinship systems of the Altaic-speaking peoples of the Asiatic steppe
Contemporary Mongolia
The Torguts of Etsin-Gol
Distilling in Mongolia
Living standards and poverty
Fundamental principles of Mongol law
Genghis Khan: father of Mongolian democracy
Mongol community and kinship structure
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