Klein, Laura F. (Frances), 1946-. Tlingit women and town politics

Table of Contents

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Chapter I Introduction

Women And Power

Modernization And The Status Of Women

Literature About The Northwest Coast

Matriliny And Modernization




Chapter Ii The Land And The History

The Southeastern Alaska Panhandle

The Town Of Hoonah

Key To Map 2-2

Untitled Section: ...

Post-contact History Of Southeastern Alaska

History Of The Town Of Hoonah

Chapter Iii Traditional Culture: Social Structure And Cosmology

Local Units

Chart 3-1 Key To Town Map Ii Clan Houses N (x)

Untitled Section: ...




Doctors And Witches

Women In Mythology

Setting For The Narrations

Chapter Iv Traditional Culture Economics And Social Stratification



Social Stratification

Rank Or Class





Chapter V Traditional Work In The Modern World


Fishing: The Man’s World

Methods Of Commercial Fishing

From Year To Year

Processing: The Woman’s Side

Types Of Commercial Processing

Processing In Hoonah

Processing Out Of Town - The Salmon Canneries

From Year To Year

The Workers

Hunting And Gathering



In Summary

Chapter Vi Modern Work In A Traditional Town

Town-related Employment

The School

Day Care

Other Town Services

Private Employment

Odd Jobs

Federal Programs

Credit And Prices



Jobs: Kinship And Politics

Paths To Prestige


Chapter Vii Matriliny

Traditional Matriliny

Contemporary Matriliny

Outline Of Hoonah Clans

Marriage And Matriliny

Matriliny As Idiom

Matriliny, Ritual And Politics

Matriliny And Extended Ties

Matriliny And Inheritance



Chapter Viii Household And Domestic Life

The House Group


Husbands And Wives

Parents And Children

Domestic Functions


Chapter Ix Political Life In Hoonah: Men And Women Whites And Tlingits

Modern Town Organization

Recent History

Contemporary Organization

Voluntary Associations

Alaska Native Brotherhood And Sisterhood

Special Purpose Organizations

Church Organizations

Elders And Politics

External Political Relationships

Land Claims


Democratic Party

Recurrent Issues And Concerns

Chapter X Politics: Themes And Processes

Personnel And Personal Power

Political Units

Division And Disapproval

Women And Public Power

Chapter Xi Summary And Conclusions


The Past

And, So, The Future

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Title: Tlingit women and town politics

Published By: Ann Arbor, Michigan: Xerox University Microfilms, 1975 [1988 copy]. x, 387 leaves: ill.

By line: by Laura F. Klein

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 1997. Computer File

Culture: Tlingit (NA12)

Subjects: Composition of population (162); Fishing (226); Marine industries (228); Labor supply and employment (464); Status, role, and prestige (554); Gender status (562); Regulation of marriage (582); Clans (614); Moieties (616); Informal in-group justice (627); Towns (632);

Abstract: This study, based on 18 months of fieldwork in Hoonah, a small town of 748 people in southeastern Alaska, is primarily an account of the participation of Tlingit men and women in the politics and economy of the town, with emphasis on gender equality and the factors thought to be responsible for its presence. As background to the study Klein presents information on the setting and history of Hoonah and the Tlingits living there, initial White contacts, and cultural changes in the town which have resulted in the present economic and political situation. Here again the focus is on the roles of men and women in bringing about these changes. In addition to its major focus on sex roles, this dissertation also provides much information on the traditional Tlingit culture (e.g., kinship, marriage, residence, subsistence, trade, and social structure), the modern economic system with its emphasis on commercial fishing and canning, matriliny, household and domestic life, and politics. A final summary chapter deals with power and sex roles.

Document Number: 25

Document ID: na12-025

Document Type: Monograph

Language: English

Note: UM 75-28,551. Thesis (Ph.D.) -- New York University Includes bibliographical references (p. 373-387)

Field Date: 1971-1974 (18 months)

Evaluation: Ethnologist-4,5

Analyst: John Beierele ; 1988

Coverage Date: 1971-1974

Coverage Place: Hoonah, southeastern Alaska, United States

LCSH: Tlingit Indians


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