Courlander, Harold, 1908-1996. The drum and the hoe: life and lore of the Haitian people

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1. The Pantheons

The Vodoun Pantheon

The Ambivalent Simbi Family

The Ibo And Kanga Pantheons

The Congo And Pétro Pantheons

2. Games

The Game Of Caille, Or Wari

The Game Of Mayamba

3. Proverbs

4. Notes On Orthography

5. Translations Of Songs In Chapter 19


Chapter 1: The Making Of The Haitian (pp. 1–7)

Chapter 2: Man And The Universe: Vodoun (pp. 8–18)

Chapter 3: The Loa: Gods Of The Haitian Mountains (pp. 19–29)

Chapter 4: Death Rites (pp. 30–40)

Chapter 5: Services For The Loa And The Family Ancestors (pp. 41–74)

Chapter 6: Songs Of The Peristyle (pp. 75–94)

Chapter 7: In The Mapou Tree: Magic, Demons, And Compacts (pp. 95–104)

Chapter 8: Mardi Gras And Rara: Jugglers, Maypoles, And Kings (pp. 105–109)

Chapter 9: Land And Work (pp. 110–121)

Chapter 11: Dancing And Dance Drama ( Pp. 126–136 )

Chapter 12: Songs Of Complaint, Recrimination, And Gossip ( Pp. 137–147 )

Chapter 13: Comments On The Mighty: Political Songs ( Pp. 148–162 )

Chapter 15: Secret-society Songs ( Pp. 166–169 )

Chapter 16: Folk Tales: Bouki, Malice, And Jean Saute ( Pp. 170–184 )

Chapter 17: Children's World: Gage Songs And Games ( Pp. 185–188 )

Chapter 18: Musical Instruments ( Pp. 189–202 )

Appendix 1: The Pantheons ( Pp. 335–349 )

Appendix 4: Notes On Orthography ( Pp. 356–357 )

Glossary Creole Terms Used In Text

Bibliography And Discography


Discography A Selective Listing Of Haitian Music On Records

Untitled Section: ...

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Title: The drum and the hoe: life and lore of the Haitian people

Published By: Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1960. xvi, 1-202, 314-371 p.: ill.

By line: Harold Courlander

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2012. Computer File

Culture: Haitians (SV03)

Subjects: Tillage (241); Settlement patterns (361); Routes (487); Ethos (181); Slavery (567); History (175); Functional and adaptational interpretations (182); Priesthood (793); Congregations (794); Spirits and gods (776); Music (533); Organized ceremonial (796); Prayers and sacrifices (782); Etiquette (576); Chief executive (643); Public finance (652); Political movements (668); Sodalities (575);

Abstract: After an account of Haitian history the author brings a detailed description of Haitian religion and folklore, pointing out elements which he considers to have originated in a particular African region. Social organization and economy are discussed in a generalized way.

Document Number: 2

Document ID: sv03-002

Document Type: Component part(s), monograph

Language: English

Note: Only introductory material and pages 1-202, 314-371 have been processed for the Haiti File.

Field Date: 1937-1955

Evaluation: Folklorist-5

Analyst: Sigrid Khera ; 1967

Coverage Date: 1930-1960

Coverage Place: Haiti

LCSH: Folklore--Haiti//Folk songs--Haiti//Haiti--Social life and customs


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