Jochelson, Waldemar, 1855-1937. The Koryak

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The Koryak.


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Part I. — Religion And Myths.

I. — Historical Remarks.

Ii. — Supernatural Beings.

Iii. — Guardians And Charms.

Iv. — Shamanism And Incantations.



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1. Incantation For The Protection Of A Lonely Traveller Against Evil Spirits.


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2. Incantation For Charming An Amulet For A Woman.


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3. Incantation For The Treatment Of Headache.


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4. Incantation For The Cure Of Swellings On The Arm.


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5. Incantation For Rheumatism In The Legs.


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V. — Festivals And Sacrifices.



Vi. — Birth, Death, And Funerals.

Vii. — General View Of Nature.

Viii. — Myths Of The Reindeer Koryak Of The Taigonos Peninsula.

1. Sedge-man's Daughters.

2. The Dogs Of Creator.

3. Eme'mqut In Search Of His Brother.

4. Yiñe'a-ñe'ut And The Cloud People.

5. Eme'mqut And Grass-woman.

6. Big-raven's War With The Chukchee.

7. Creator, Miti', And Their Dogs.

8. Eme'mqut's Wife Abducted By A Kala.

9. How Universe Makes Rain. 1

10. Little-bird-man And Raven-man.

11. Eme'mqut And Worm-man.

12. Eme'mqut And Sun-man's Daughter.

13. How Creator Overcame The Kalau.

14. How The Kalau Ceased To Be Cannibals.

15. How K˘ilu' Killed The Kalau.

16. How Yiñe'a-ñe'ut Was Married To A Seal.

17. How Eme'mqut Married His Sister.

18. The Bear People.

19. Yiñe'a-ñe'ut And Sun-man.

20. Creator And Miti'.

21. How Eme'mqut Married Sun-man's Daughter.

22. How Creator Frightened The Kalau.

23. How Creator Went Sealing.

24. One-who-paints-his-belly And The Kala-woman.

25. How Miti' Played Tricks On Her Husband.

26. How The Reindeer-breeders Tried To Take Creator's Herd.

27. Little-bird-man And The Kala-woman.

28. How ˇcan·a'vile Went Fishing.

29. How Moon-woman Revived Creator's Son.

30. How One-who-paints-his-belly Killed The Kalau.

31. How Miti' And Creator Fooled Each Other.

32. The Kala-woman And The Mouse Children.

33. How Yiñe'a-ñe'ut Married A Dog.

34. How Creator Stole Fish From The Reindeer-breeders.

35. How Creator Ate The Winter Supply Of Berries.

36. Tricks Of The Fox.

37. Creator's Fight With The Kalau.

38. Eme'mqut And The Wolves.

39. How Eme'mqut Took A Kala's Wives.

40. The Wind People.

41. To'leq The Fox.

42. How Creator Saved His People During A Famine.

43. How The Dead Punished Some Noisy Boys.

44. How Sculpin-man Ate His Companions.

45. Yiñe'a-ñe'ut's Adventures And Creator's Tricks.

Ix. — Myths Of The Maritime Koryak Of The Western Shore Of Penshina Bay.

46. The Daughter Of Floating-island.

47. How Gull-man Offered His Sister In Marriage.

48. The Stone-hammer-men.

49. The Ermine People.

50. Big-kamak-who-turns-himself-inside-out.

51. Big-grandfather And The Kamaks.

52. The Shell People.

53. Eme'mqut's Marriage With K˘iilu' And Grass-woman.

54. Eme'mqut's Marriage With A Kamak Girl.

55. Ptarmigan-man.

56. How The Kamak Woman Caught Children.

57. The Old Woman And The Kamaks.

58. Yiñe'a-ñe'ut's Marriage With A Monster.

59. Contest Between The Wives Of Eme'mqut And Envious-one.

60. Grass-woman And Diarrhœa-man.

61. Little-charm-man.

62. The Abduction Of Eme'mqut's Sister By The Kamaks.

63. Ermine-woman.

64. Yiñe'a-ñe'ut And Mouse-woman.

65. Big-raven's Visit To The Reindeer-breeders.

66. Yiñe'a-ñe'ut And Fog-man.

67. How Triton-man Abducted Eme'mqut's Wife.

X. — Myths Of The Camps On The Palpal Mountain-ridge.

68. Big-raven And Dog-man.

69. Big-raven's Daughters And The Wooden Whale.

70. Big-raven And Young-kala.

71. Eme'mqut And Little-charm-man.

Xi. — Tales Of The Maritime Koryak Of The Coast Of Upper Penshina Bay.

72. Big-raven And Hare.

73. How Big-raven Burnt Up The Kamaks.

74. How Eme'mqut Killed The Kamaks.

75. Big-light And The Kamaks.

76. Big-raven And His Son Bear's-ear.

77. How Self-created Kills His Father.

78. Big-raven And The Kamaks.

79. Lo'ˇcex The Cannibal.

80. Grebe-man.

81. Cloud-man's Marriage With Yiñe'a-ñe'ut.

82. Little-bird-man And Raven-man.

83. Cloud-man And K˘ilu'.

84. Envious-one And The Wolves.

85. Eme'mqut And Triton-man.

86. Magple-man's Marriage With Yiñe'a-ñe'ut.

87. Eme'mqut's Marriage With The Daughter Of Mountain-sheep-man.

88. Big-raven And The Mice.

89. Eme'mqut's Whale Festival.

90. Hare And Fox.

91. Grass-woman.

92. Raven-man.

93. ˇcan·a'i-ña'ut And Twilight-man.

94. Fog-man And Driftwood-woman.

95. Big-raven's Journey To The Sky.

96. Big-raven And Fox-woman. 1

97. Mouse-woman.* 2

98. How A Small Kamak Was Transformed Into A Harpoon-line.*

99. Gull-woman And Cormorant-woman.*

100. Miti' And Magpie-man.*

101. Eme'mqut And Illa'.*

102. Eme'mqut And The Ka'la.*

103. How Yiñe'a-ñe'ut Is Swallowed By A Kamak.*

104. Big-raven And Fish-woman.*

105. The Kamak And His Wife.*

106. Eme'mqut And Fox-woman.*

107. K˘ilu' And The Bumblebees.*

108. How Eme'mqut Became A Cannibal.*

109. Yiñe'a-ñe'ut And K˘ilu''s Marriage With Fish-men.*

110. How Yiñe'a-ñe'ut Was Taken To Lower Village.

111. Yiñe'a-ñe'ut And Earth-maker.

112. Gormandizer The Cannibal.

113. Transformation Of River-man Into A Woman.

114. Yiñe'a-ñe'ut And Cloud-man.

Xii. — Tales Of The Maritime Koryak Of The East Coast Of Penshina Bay.

115. Big-raven And Wolf.*

116. Eme'mqut And White-whale-woman.*

117. How Big-raven Created Rivers.*

Xiii. — Tales Of The Koryak Of The Coast Villages On Bering Sea.

118. Big-raven And Wry-mouth-woman.*

119. Big-raven And Fox.*

120. Big-raven And The Stone-pine Cone.*

121. Big-raven And Excrement-woman.*

122. Big-raven, Fox, And Wolf.*

123. White-whale-man And Fox-man.*

124. Big-raven And The Hunchback Woman.*

125. How Big-raven Created A River.*

126. Raven And Wolf.*

127. How Big-raven Transformed Himself Into A Woman.*

128. Eme'mqut And The Five-headed Kamak.*

129. How Yi'tˇcum Bore Children.*

130. Big-raven And The Mouse-girls.*

Xiv. — Tales Of The Kamchadal.

131. Kutq And His Wife.*

132. The Thunder People And Raspberry.*

133. Kutq And His Sons-in-law, The Winds.*

134. Big-raven And Big-crab.*

135. Sŭ'na-ñe'ut And Her Goose-husband.*

136. Raven's Quest Of A Bride For Eme'mqut.*

137. Kutq's Daughters.*

138. The Girls And The Bears.*

139. How Kutq Jumped Into A Whale.*

Xv. — Characteristics Of Koryak Myths

List Of Episodes Of Koryak Tales Compared With Similar Or Identical Elements Of Other Mythologies.

Old-world Elements.

Eskimo Elements.

Eskimo And Indian Elements.

Old-world And Indian Elements.

Eskimo, Indian, And Old-world Elements.

Indian Elements.

Part Ii. — Material Culture And Social Organization.

I. The Country Of The Koryak.

Ii. — The Koryak Tribe.

Iii. — Habitat And Villages.

Iv. — Habitations.

V. — Reindeer-breeding.

Vi. — Dog-breeding.

Vii. — Fishing, Hunting, And War.

Viii. — Household Utensils And Food.

Ix. — Clothing.

X. — Manufactures.

Xi. — Art. 1

Xii. — Family Life.

Xiii. — Social Life.

Xiv. — History Of The Contact Of The Koryak With Russians, Americans, And Neighboring Peoples. 1

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Title: The Koryak

Published in: Publications of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition -- Vol. VI

Published By: Publications of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition -- Vol. VI Leiden ; New York: E. J. Bril ; G. E. Stechert, 1905-1908. xv, 842 p.: ill.

By line: by Waldemar Jochelson

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2003. Computer File

Culture: Koryaks (RY04)

Subjects: Culture summary (105); History (175); Normal garb (291); Settlement patterns (361); General tools (412); Animal transport (492); Boats (501); Marriage (580); Burial practices and funerals (764); Mythology (773);

Abstract: This exhaustive and well documented study of the Koryak is based upon a winter's field study of both Reindeer and Maritime Koryak. It is amply supplemented by bibliographical references to the Koryak from earliest contact with the Russians to the time of publication. The author frequently draws upon his vast knowledge of the other peoples of Kamchatka peninsula and Northeast Siberia to give spatial and temporal distribution of Koryak culture traits. Considerable emphasis is placed upon the hypothetical relationship which may have existed among the peoples of the North Pacific, the Eskimo and the tribes of Northeast Siberia.

Document Number: 1

Document ID: ry04-001

Document Type: Monograph

Language: English

Note: Includes bibliographical references ( p. 3-11)

Field Date: 1900-1901

Evaluation: Ethnologist-5

Analyst: Richard Schaedel ; 1953

Coverage Date: 1897-1902

Coverage Place: Gizhiga District, Magadan Province and Koryak Autonomous District, Kamchatka Province, Russia

LCSH: Koryaks


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