Firth, Raymond William, 1901-. History and traditions of Tikopia

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Title: History and traditions of Tikopia

Published By: Wellington, New Zealand: The Polynesian Society, 1961. viii, 203 p.

By line: Raymond Firth

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 1995. Computer File

Culture: Tikopia (OT11)

Subjects: Theoretical orientation in research and its results (121); Organization and analysis of results of research (128); Traditional history (173); Historical reconstruction (174); Functional and adaptational interpretations (182); Literary texts (539); Status, role, and prestige (554); Lineages (613); Clans (614); Mythology (773); Spirits and gods (776);

Abstract: This is the analysis of a body of Tikopia tales in relation to the social structure and social organization of the people (p. 10). Firth's treatment of the material is based on the view that such tales reflect the history of the people of Tikopia, the spread of ideas within the society, and the attempt of the population to explain the natural phenomena of the physical world. Much of the material in this document deals with the origin of the major social units (e.g., lineages and clans), relations with outside groups (particularly the Tongans), internal struggles within the society, and settlement, expansion, and overseas voyages.

Document Number: 27

Document ID: ot11-027

Document Type: Monograph

Language: English

Note: Includes one folding map and a folding lineage chart Includes index.|Bibliography: p. 195-196

Field Date: 1928-29, 1952

Evaluation: Ethnologist-5

Analyst: John Beierle

Coverage Date: 1927-28, 1952

Coverage Place: Tikopia Island, Solomon Islands

LCSH: Tikopia (Solomon Island people)


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