Spoehr, Alexander, 1913-. Majuro: a village in the Marshall Islands

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Title: Majuro: a village in the Marshall Islands

Published By: Chicago: Chicago Natural History Museum, 1949. 266 p.: ill., maps

By line: Alexander Spoehr

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2010. Computer File

Culture: Marshallese (OR11)

Subjects: Community structure (621); Household (592); Lineages (613); Division of labor by gender (462); Settlement patterns (361); Real property (423); Ingroup antagonisms (578); Mutual aid (476); Political parties (665); Rest days and holidays (527); Ethnic stratification (563); Community heads (622); Sociocultural trends (178);

Abstract: The author, while on active duty with the Navy during World War II, spent six months in the Marshall Islands. The nature of his duty allowed considerable mobility so that he became thoroughly versed in the physical characteristics of the Marshall atolls and particularly with Majuro. Spoehr returned to Majuro in 1947 as a civilian and conducted ethnological work for three and one half months. This report is a general ethnography emphasizing culture change and the territorial basis of Majuro social organization.

Document Number: 1

Document ID: or11-001

Document Type: Monograph

Language: English

Note: This document consists of excerpts. The source has been excerpted in full; all charts, maps, and tables have been reproduced. All photographs referred to in the text appear in the Visual File with the exception of Figs. 15, 28, 30, 32, and 35, which have been sketched from the text photographs and are reproduced here. Omitted page numbers in the text indicate pages that contain photographs or charts.

Field Date: 1947

Evaluation: Ethnologist-5

Analyst: Eldon Johnson ; 1961

Coverage Date: 1945-1949

Coverage Place: Majuro, Marshall Islands

LCSH: Marshallese//Ethnology--Marshall Islands// Majuro (Marshall Islands)


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