Malinowski, Bronislaw, 1884-1942. The sexual life of savages in northwestern Melanesia: Vol. 1 and 2

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Chapter I The Relations Between The Sexes In Tribal Life

1 The Principles Of Mother-right

2 A Trobriand Village

3 Family Life

4 The Division Of Property And Duties According To Sex

Chapter Ii The Status Of Woman In Native Society

1 The Privileges And Burdens Of Rank

2 Mortuary Rites And Festivities

3 Woman's Share In Magic

Chapter Iii Prenuptial Intercourse Between The Sexes

1 The Sexual Life Of Children

2 Age Divisions

3 The Amorous Life Of Adolescence

4 The Bachelors' House

Chapter Iv The Avenues To Marriage

1 Motives For Marrying

2 The Consent Of The Wife's Family

3 Marriage Gifts

4 Infant Betrothal And Cross-cousin Marriage

5 Matrimonial Alliances In A Chief's Family

6 Ceremonies Of Infant Betrothal

Chapter V Marriage

1 Husband And Wife As Companions

2 Adultery And Sexual Jealousy

3 The Economic Tribute From The Wife's Family

4 Polycamy Of Chiefs

5 The Domestic Aspect Of Polygamy

Chapter Vi Divorce And The Dissolution Of Marriage By Death

1 Divorce

2 Death And The Bereaved

3 Funeral Ceremonies And The Obligations Of Mourning

4 The Ideology Of Mourning

Chapter Vii Procreation And Pregnancy In Native Belief And Custom

1 The Male And Female Organism And The Sexual Impulse In Native Belief

2 Reincarnation And The Way To Life Through The Spirit World

3 Ignorance Of Physiological Paternity

4 Words And Deeds In Testimony

5 Fatherless Children In A Matrilineal Society

6 The Singular Claims Of Sociological Paternity

Chapter Viii Pregnancy And Childbirth

1 Preparation For The First Pregnancy Rites

2 Ceremonial Of First Pregnancy

3 Customs Of Pregnancy And Confinement

4 Mother And Child

Chapter Ix Customary Forms Of Licence

1 The Erotic Element In Games


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2 Games Involving Physical Contact

3 Seasons Of Love And Festivity

4 Ceremonial Gatherings: Kayasa

5 Orgiastic Festivals

6 Ulatile--youth In Search Of Amorous Adventure

7 Katuyausi--a Ceremonial Escapade Of Girls

8 Yausa--orgiastic Assaults By Women

9 Actuality Of Orgiastic Licence

The Sexual Life Of Savages

Untitled Section: ...

Untitled Section: ...

Untitled Section: ...

Untitled Section: ...

Chapter X Love-making And The Psychology Of Erotic Life

1 Erotic Attraction

2 Repulsion By Ugliness, Age, And Disease

3 Beauty Of The Human Face And Body

4 The Care Of The Body

5 The Course Of An Intrigue

6 Cases Of Personal Attachment

7 The Commercial Aspect Of Love

8 Jealousy

9 Beauty, Colour, And Scent In Love-making

10 The Conversation Of Two Lovers

11 Erotic Approaches

12 The Act Of Sex

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Chapter Xi The Magic Of Love And Beauty

1 The Importance Of Beauty

2 Ceremonial Occasions Of Beauty Magic

3 Beauty Magic: The Ritual Of Washing

4 Beauty Magic: The Ritual Of Adornment

5 The Magic Of Safety And Renown At Festivities

6 The Magic Of Love

7 The Rite And The Spell In Love Magic

8 The Realities Of Love Magic

9 The Magic Of Oblivion

Chapter Xii Erotic Dreams And Fantasies

1 Dreams

2 Sex In Folk-lore--string Figures

3 Sex In Folk-lore: Facetle

4 Sex In Folk-lore: Legend And Myth

The Legend Of Inuvayla'u

The Story Of Kaytalugi

5 The Erotic Paradise Of The Trobriander

Chapter Xiii Morals And Manners

1 Decency And Decorum

2 The Morals Of Sex

A. General Taboos

1. Byways And Aberrations Of The Sexual Impulse .--

2. Publicity And Lack Of Decorum In Sexual Matters .--

3. Sexual Excess .--

4. Lack Of Taste .--

5. Miscellaneous And Minor Taboos .--

B. Sociological Taboos

6. Exogamy .--

7. Taboos Within The Family And Household .--

8. The Taboo Of Adultery .--

9. The Taboos Of Relationship In Law .--

10. Rules Safeguarding The Privileges Of The Chief .--

11. Barriers Of Rank .--

12. Restrictions As To Number In Intrigues .--

Untitled Section: ...

3 The Censure Of Sexual Aberrations

4 Modesty In Speech And Behaviour

5 Exogamy And The Prohibition Of Incest

6 The Supreme Taboo

Table Of Relationship Terms

A. Kinship Terms

B. Marriage Relationships

C. Relationships-in-law

Untitled Section: ...

Chapter Xiv A Savage Myth Of Incest

I The Sources Of Love Magic

The Myth

2 The Original Text Of The Myth

The Informant's Commentary

3 Cases Of Actual Incest

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Title: The sexual life of savages in northwestern Melanesia: Vol. 1 and 2

Published By: New York: Horace Liveright, 1929. 2 vols. (xxviii, 1-278; ix, 281-603 p., plates: ill.)

By line: [by] Bronislaw Malinowski ; preface by Havelock Ellis

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 1995. Computer File

Culture: Trobriands (OL06)

Subjects: 83*;

Abstract: Malinowski treats the subject of sexuality extensively from the sex play of childhood to mortuary rites, and from personal love intrigues to the web of social relations exemplified by familial and community ties. Throughout the book, Malinowski stresses the resulting tension and efforts at accommodation of individuals whose natural inclinations are constricted by the prevailing rules and taboos of a matrilineal society. The loosening of tribal code under the impact of Western missionary and governmental influences is also suggested.

Document Number: 5

Document ID: ol06-005

Document Type: Monograph

Language: English

Note: Includes index

Field Date: 1914-1920

Evaluation: Ethnologist-5

Analyst: Robert Lee

Coverage Date: not specified

Coverage Place: Papua New Guinea

LCSH: Trobriand Islanders


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