Barton, Roy Franklin, 1883-1947. The use of myth as magic among the mountain tribes of the Philippines

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Title: The use of myth as magic among the mountain tribes of the Philippines

Published in: Sovetskaëiìa çetnografiëiìa -- No. 3

Published By: Sovetskaëiìa çetnografiëiìa -- No. 3 Moskova: Izd-vo Akademii nauk, 1935. 77-95 p.

By line: R. F. Barton

HRAF Publication Information: new haven, conn.: hraf, 1998. computer file 1956

Culture: Ifugao (OA19)

Subjects: Literature (538); Magic (789); Mythology (773); Magic (789); Priesthood (793); Organized ceremonial (796);

Abstract: This source contains the texts of a considerable body of Ifugao myths. Barton demonstrates the Ifugao use of these myths in sympathetic magic. The author attempts to correlate different types of magic with social organization. Accordingly, the Ifugao are supposed to be moving from tribal society to class society as indicated by their magical forms which are in transition from sympathetic magic to word and name magic.

Document Number: 4

Document ID: oa19-004

Document Type: journal article

Language: English translation from Russi


Translation of: Ispol’zovanie mifov kak magii u gornykh plemen filippin. The original Russian text is not included

Translated for the HRAF files by Joshua Kunitz

Field Date: 1908-1914

Evaluation: Ethnologist-5

Analyst: Frank W. Moore; Samuel C. Chu; 1956

Coverage Date: 1908-1914

Coverage Place: Kiangan, Bitu, Ligauwe areas, northern Luzon, Philippines

LCSH: Ifugao (Philippine people)


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