Dorsey, James Owen, 1848-1895. Omaha dwelling, furniture, and implements:

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Title: Omaha dwelling, furniture, and implements:

Published in: Thirteenth annual report of the Bureau of Ethnology, 1891-92

Published By: Thirteenth annual report of the Bureau of Ethnology, 1891-92 Washington: [s.n.], 1896. 263-288 p.

By line: James Owen Dorsey

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2010. Computer File

Culture: Omaha (NQ21)

Subjects: Settlement patterns (361); Recreational structures (345); Dwellings (342); Heating and lighting equipment (354); Paraphernalia (293); Household (592); Infant care (854); Acculturation and culture contact (177); Animal by-products (237); General tools (412); Food preparation (252); Work in skins (281); Mats and basketry (285); Recreational and non-therapeutic drugs (276); Domesticated animals (231); Musical instruments (534); Weapons (411); Ordnance (713);

Abstract: This article provides information about the material culture of the Omaha with particular emphasis on their dwellings, furniture and implements. Sketches may be found throughout the source. The author did field work among the Omaha from 1878 to 1890.

Document Number: 4

Document ID: nq21-004

Document Type: Journal Article

Language: English

Field Date: 1878-1890

Evaluation: Ethnologist, Missionary-5

Analyst: Pauline Van Tho ; 1954

Coverage Date: 1877-1986

Coverage Place: Omaha of Nebraska, USA

LCSH: Omaha Indians


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