McIlwraith, T. F. (Thomas Forsyth), 1899-1964. The Bella Coola Indians: volume two

Table of Contents

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Chapter I Winter Ceremonial Dances

General Observations On The Kusiut Society

Powers And Functions Of The Society


The Ritual Of Specific Dances

General Observations About The Dances

The Dance Of Noäk□nım 14

The Dance Of Wıl□a

The Cannibal Dance

The Scratch Dance

The Breaker Dance

The Kusiotεm Dances

The Stomach-cutting Dance

The Beheading Dance

The Drowning Dance

The Burning Dance

The Swallowing Of Hot Stones Dance

The Fungus Dance

The Mystery Dance

The Dance Of Winwina

The Dance Of Mother-nature

The Dance Of The Tally Posts

The Dance Of Thunder

The Ghost Dance 92

The Dance Of The Supernatural Charmer

The Dance Of The Supernatural Lover

The Sun Dance 94

The Moon Dance

The Dance Of The Murdered Slave

The Dance Of The Otter

The Octopus Dance

The Dance Of The Dark-shade

The Dance Of The Stone Man

The Fire Dance

The Dance Of The Birds

The Dance Of Darkness And Sleep

The Dance Of The Whirlwind

The Dance Of The Earthquake

The Dance Of Tide-measurer

The Dance Of The Supernatural Bull-head

The Dance Of The Supernatural Herring-head

The Dance Of The Supernatural Dog Salmon

The Dance Of Äłmoqłtaikila

The Dance Of The Supernatural Bark-beater

The Dance Of The Supernatural Awakener

The Dance Of Dawn

The Dance Of The Greedy One

The Dance Of The Repository Maker

The Dance Of Äłquntäm 's Slave

The Dance Of Äłquntäm 's Herald

The Dance Of Äłquntäm 's Fisherman

The Dance Of The Top

The Dance Of The Petrified Hammer

The Dance Of The Grizzly Bear

Various Origin Myths

A Composite Origin Myth 101

Origin Myth Of The Dance Of The Supernatural Carpenters 102

Origin Myth Of The Dance Of Nunutcı□nam 103

Origin Myth Of A Peculiar Repository

Kusiut Prerogatives Other Than Dances

The Death Of A Kusiut

The Final Rite

Concluding Observations And History

Chapter Ii Songs


Sısaok Songs

Xe˙t□a Songs

A'αlk Songs

Nusäxkäm□ Songs

Marriage Songs

Wedding Songs

Shaming Songs

Mourning Songs

Shaman Songs

Kusiut Songs

Kusiut Mourning Songs

Non-ceremonial Songs

Love Songs

Animal Songs

Miscellaneous Songs

Chapter Iii Warfare 1

General Observations

Specific Accounts

Kitkatla War

Kwakiutl War

War With The Carriers

A War Between The People Of Bella Bella And Rivers Inlet

Chapter Iv Games


Chapter V Stories

Raven Stories

How Raven Became Black

Raven And Water Ouzel 2

Raven And Water Ouzel ( Second Version )

Raven And Seal 3

Raven And Seal ( Second Version )

Raven And Varied Thrush 4

Raven And Buck 6

Raven And Buck ( Second Version )

Raven And Buck ( Third Version )

Raven And Qtaisεtł

Raven And □taisεtł ( Second Version )

Raven And Cormorant

Raven And Wolverine 16

Raven And Wolverine ( Second Version )

Raven And Worm

Raven And Worm ( Second Version )

Raven And Worm ( Third Version )

Raven And Blue Grouse 18

Raven And Blue Grouse ( Second Version )

Raven And Echo 20

Raven And Echo ( Second Version )

Raven And His Sisters

Raven And His Sisters ( Second Version )

Raven And His Step-daughter 25

Raven And His Human Son

Raven And The One-legged Man

Raven And The Dancer

Raven And His Son

Raven And Sockeye Salmon 31

Raven And Sockeye Salmon ( Second Version )

Animal Stories

Mink And Cat-fish 32

The Adventures Of Mink

Mink And Cloud

The Cunning Of Mink

How Mink Took His Revenge

The Fire

The Folly Of Deer

Deer And Wolves 35

Deer And Wolves ( Second Version )

How Porcupine Prospered

Winter Wren And Grizzly Bear

How Mallard Duck Got His Name

The Misfortunes Of Jay

Herring And Olachen

The Defeat Of Cold Wind

The Defeat Of Cold Wind ( Second Version )

Snınıq Stories

The Grave Robber 44

The Grave Robber ( Second Version )

The Vanity Of Snınıq 47

The Woes Of Snınıq 49

The Little Girl Who Was Kidnapped 50

The Little Girl Who Was Kidnapped ( Second Version )

Supernatural Stories

The Wronged Woman

The Fren Gatherers

The Mad Woman

The Impostor

The War Of The Birds 54

The Adventures Of Äł□siä□

The Adventures Of Äł□siä□ ( Second Version )

The Man Who Tried To Recapture His Dead Child 59

The Boys Who Drifted To Sea

The Boys Who Drifted To Sea ( Second Version )

The Salmon-boy 61

Further Adventures Of The Salmon-boy

The Boy Who Had Power Over Salmon

The Murder Of Twalä□łit 64

The Murder Of Twalä□łit ( Second Version )

The Brain Sucker

The Woman Who Married Wolf

Stump And His Wife 67

Stump And His Wife ( Second Version )

The Girls Who Visited Nusmät˙a

The Sun's Captor

The Sun's Child

Catastrophic Stories

The Famine

Another Account Of The Famine

The Flood 69

Historical Stories

The Wife Who Was Sold As A Slave

The Adventures Of A Bella Bella Crew

A Murderer And His Punishment

A Successful Hunt

The Success Of A Lazy Hunter

An Ancient Hunting Story

Chapter Vi The Man Himself



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Publication Information


Title: The Bella Coola Indians: volume two

Published By: Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1948. xi, 672 p., 22 plates: map

By line: by T. F. McIlwraith

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2010. Computer File

Culture: Nuxalk (NE06)

Subjects: Sodalities (575); Accumulation of wealth (556); Organized ceremonial (796); Incorporeal property (424); Mythology (773); Revelation and divination (787); Music (533); Literary texts (539); Athletic sports (526); Games (524);

Abstract: This document, volume 2 of two volumes, is a continuation of the previous work (1: McIlwraith), and deals in great part with the role of the Bella Coola [n]Kusiut [/n] society -- its membership (including initiation and disciplining of members), its social role, its origin myths, and its elaborate winter ceremonials. Additional chapters provide information on warfare, games, stories, and the Bella Coola people themselves -- their physical appearance, modal personality, and adaptability to culture change. Four appendices conclude the work, the first of which (A) presents what little data are given in the entire study on material culture, dealing with the taking and processing of [n]olachen[/n], Bella Coola canoes, preparation of cedar bark, and the manufacture of paint; the second (B) with the construction of string figures; the third (C)presents a useful list of native flora and fauna along with their scientific binomials; and finally the fourth (D) gives a lengthy Bella Coola-English vocabulary list. An index covering the contents of both volumes 1 and 2 will be found at the end of this monograph.

Document Number: 2

Document ID: ne06-002

Document Type: Monograph

Language: English

Field Date: 1922-1924

Evaluation: Ethnologist-5

Analyst: John Beierle ; 1964-1965: John Beierle; 2010

Coverage Date: 1840s-1924

Coverage Place: Nuxalk (Bella Coola) Reserve, Bella Coola Vallley, British Columbia, Canada

LCSH: Bella Coola Indians


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