Innokentii, Saint, Metropolitan of Moscow and Kolomna, 1797-1879. Notes on the Islands of the Unalaska District

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Title: Notes on the Islands of the Unalaska District

Published By: St. Petersburg: Russian-American Company, 1840. 409 p.: ill. [incomplete]

By line: Ivan Evsieevich Popov Veniaminov

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2007. Computer File

Culture: Aleut (NA06)

Subjects: Culture summary (105);

Abstract: The standard work on the Aleut by a Russian priest assigned to the Unalaska district of the Aleutian Islands. It is an extremely comprehensive work and covers almost all aspects of Aleut culture. The author was highly respected and revered by the people, and in his many years among them, he had an opportunity to learn their language and their way of life. Some bias exists due to the author's role of priest but by and large, his presentation is excellent. The entire volume is included in the Files with the exception of the few sections which deal exclusively with animal life (pp. 349-361; pp. 365-383; pp. 389-394; a set of tables in the unpaginated section at the end of the book. Veniaminov's report on the Aleutian Islands contains three separately paginated volumes. Volume I deals primarily with geography and at the time of the reproduction of Volume II, it had not been translated for the Files. Volume III deals with the Athin Aleuts and is included in the Files as source 65.

Document Number: 1

Document ID: na06-001

Document Type: Component part(s), monograph

Language: English translation from Russian

Note: This document consists of excerpts. Translation of: [Zapiski ob ostravakh Unalashkinskago otdiela]. Parts of this document were translated for the Cross Cultural Survey by B. Keen. Omitted sections were translated for HRAF by Assya Kardinelowska. Pages dealing with Inner Mongolia have been labelled /Communist Period/. Veniaminov's mission was on Unalaska Island where he spent most of his time observing Aleut life. However he did travel to nearby islands and the Alaskan pennisula, and makes references to Aleut living on the Pribilof Islands, and the islands of Four Mountains, Unimak, Amak, and Umnak; all in the eastern Aleutian district. His history of the missions includes the Alaskan penninsula and Kodiak Island. (I.S., 2005).

Field Date: 1823-1834

Evaluation: Missionary-5

Analyst: LSS ; 1950-1956

Coverage Date: 1823-1834

Coverage Place: Unalaska Island, Alaska, United States

LCSH: Aleuts


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