Kennett, Austin. Bloodmoney: Western Desert

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Title: Bloodmoney: Western Desert

Published in: Bedouin justice: laws and customs among the Egyptian Bedouin

Published By: Bedouin justice: laws and customs among the Egyptian Bedouin Cambridge: At the University Press, 1925. 60-78 p.

By line: Austin Kennett

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 1999. Computer File

Culture: Libyan Bedouin (MT09)

Subjects: Ingroup antagonisms (578); Offenses against life (682); Offenses against the person (683); Legal norms (671); Liability (672); Initiation of judicial proceedings (694); Trial procedure (695);

Abstract: This source presents a study of the laws relevant to the paying of bloodmoney among the Libyan Bedouin occupying the western desert region of the United Arab Republic. The author gathered his data while serving as British Administrative Officer in the Libyan Desert around the year 1921. The major work from which this chapter was taken deals with the general topic of Bedouin justice and therefore covers other Bedouin groups -- the Sinai Arabs, Eastern Desert and additional Western Desert Bedouins -- outside the scope of the immediate file focus. This particular source contains several case histories illustrating the violation of Bedouin legal norms particularly in reference to the taking of human life and the resulting payment of bloodmoney as settlement of the debt incurred. Interesting insights are found throughout the source on concepts of liability, legal norms and judicial procedures.

Document Number: 8

Document ID: mt09-008

Document Type: component part(s) monograph

Language: English

Field Date: ca. 1921

Evaluation: Government Official-5

Analyst: John Beierle; Martin Malone; 1974

Coverage Date: 1921

Coverage Place: Western Desert, Egypt

LCSH: Bedouins


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