Le Coeur, Charles, ethnographer,1903-1944. Teda ethnographic dictionary preceded by a French-Teda lexicon:

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Plates I – Ii The Borders Of The Teda Mountain

Plates Iii – Iv Some Views Of The Teda Mountain, Of Tibesti Or The Country Of Tou: Its High Plateaus ( Tarso ), Its Dry Valleys ( Onri ) Its Pastures ( Dooge )

Plates V – Vi The Water ( Yi ) Of Tibesti And On The Border Of The Massif: Springs ( Sasi ) And Pools ( Belli, Fodi )

Plates Vii–viii The Water Of Tibesti And Around The Massif: The Wells ( Buni, Yigei, Yoba )

Plates Ix – X The Teda: Male Types Of Various Clans ( Yele )—the Turban ( Debi ) And Different Ways Of Wearing It

Plates Xi – Xii The Teda Woman ( Adebi ), Her Hair Style And Her Trinkets

Plates Xiii – Xiv The Feminine Garment ( Ebi ) And The Different Ways Of Draping It

Plates Xv – Xvi Children ( Odde )

Plates Xvii – Xviii The Dwelling: Huts (yaˇoabi) And Encampment ( Fage ) On The Plain

Plates Xix – Xx Teda Dwelling: Huts ( Ya˘oabi ) And Villages ( Nome ) Of The Mountain

Plates Xxi – Xxii Palm Trees ( Tine )

Plates Xxiii – Xxiv Gardens ( Bare ) And Goat Herds ( Nyei ) On The Mountain

Plates Xxv – Xxvi Women's Work ( Forkoso )

Plates Xxvii – Xxviii Dances ( Abi )—the Men Of The Village (see: Forkoso )

Plates Xxix – Xxx The Camel ( Goni ) And The Caravans ( Daniye )

Plates Xxxi – Xxxii Journeys: Donkeys And People On Foot

Plates Xxxiii – Xxxiv The Despised Artisan Caste (1)

Plates Xxxv – Xxxvi Prehistoric Tibesti: Rock Drawings ( Arbi ) Graves Known As “graves Of Christians” ( Yuruso Nasara )

Plate Xxxvii Graves Known As “graves Of Christians” ( Yuruso Nasara )

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Title: Teda ethnographic dictionary preceded by a French-Teda lexicon:

Published By: Paris: Librairie Larose, 1950. HRAF ms: 1, 348 l [Original: 213 p., 37 end plates]: ill., maps

By line: Charles Le Coeur

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2010. Computer File

Culture: Teda (MS22)

Subjects: Water supply (312); Vocabulary (192); Burial practices and funerals (764); Poverty (735); Food preparation (252); Community heads (622); Ethnic stratification (563); Animal by-products (237); Mats and basketry (285); Animal transport (492); Arranging a marriage (584); Nuptials (585); Ritual (788); Personal grooming (302); Extended families (596); Rule of descent (611); Parents-in-law and children-in-law (606); Domesticated animals (231); General tools (412); Gift giving (431); Pastoral activities (233); Verbal arts (5310);

Abstract: This ethnographic dictionary was compiled by the author as the result of two one-year study trips, the first to Tibesti in 1933-34 and the second in 1942-43 among the Toubou of the Gouré Circle (Teda and Daza) and the Teda of the Djado (Circle of Dilma). During the second trip nearly all of the articles contained in this dictionary were prepared. In 1945-46 Marguerite Le Coeur did a revision of the collected words based on her study of the Teda of the Djado (p.1). Preceding the dictionary proper, and acting as an introduction to it, is an excellent structural analysis of Teda phonology. This is followed by the dictionary itself which contains a wealth of ethnographic data. Here not only are words given a simple definition, where this treatment is warranted, but also the more complex concepts are given exhaustive analysis, often extending several text pages in length. The final section of this source, pp. 190-348, contains the 37 plates (143 photographs). These vary considerably in quality, but generally have not reproduced very well. However since they do illustrate many of the concepts discussed in the dictionary part of this source, they do form an important adjunct to this work. The French-Teda lexicon (pp. 11-52 of the French text, has not been translated.

Document Number: 3

Document ID: ms22-003

Document Type: Monograph

Language: English translation from French

Note: Translation of: [Dictionnaire ethnographique téda précédé d'un lexique français-téda]. Translated for the HRAF files by Frieda Schütze.

Field Date: 1933-1943

Evaluation: Ethnologist-5

Analyst: John Beierle ; Jan Simpson ; 1982

Coverage Date: 1933-1946

Coverage Place: Chad

LCSH: Teda (African people)//Tibbu (African people)// French language--Dictionaries--Teda


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