Wilson, Monica Hunter. Rituals of kinship among the Nyakyusa:

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Title: Rituals of kinship among the Nyakyusa:

Published By: London: Oxford University Press for the International African Institute, 1957. xii, 270 p., 8 plates: ill.

By line: Monica Hunter Wilson

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2010. Computer File

Culture: Nyakyusa and Ngonde (FN17)

Subjects: Functional and adaptational interpretations (182); General character of religion (771); Puberty and initiation (881); Eschatology (775); Ingroup antagonisms (578); Mourning (765); General sex restrictions (834); Burial practices and funerals (764); Organized ceremonial (796); Lineages (613); General character of religion (771); Ethics (577);

Abstract: This source is the second of three projected volumes on Nyakyusa social organization, the first concerning itself with the age-village structure (see 1: Wilson, this file) and the third to deals with various communal rituals. The rituals treated in this volume are concerned with burial, the farewell to the dead, puberty and marriage, birth, and misfortune (e.g. killing, sorcery). Attention is paid to differences in detail among the various groups of Nyakyusa society. In the actual description of the rituals, pertinent interviews with the informants are brought in whenever possible. After the discussion of the various rituals, Wilson discusses the participants, generally close relatives and neighbors, and the native conception of reality as it pertains to the rituals. The main body of the text closes with a sociological analysis of the rituals of kinship based on the theories of Radcliffe-Brown. The last forty pages contain representative documents concerning funerals, death rituals, marriages, misfortunes, and some genealogical tables. References are contained in footnotes to the pages. At the time of publication, Wilson was at the School of African Studies of the University of Cape Town.

Document Number: 2

Document ID: fn17-002

Document Type: Monograph

Language: English

Field Date: 1934-1938

Evaluation: Social Anthropologist-5

Analyst: Timothy J. O'Leary ; 1957 ; Teferi Abate Adem; 2010

Coverage Date: 1930-1957

Coverage Place: Nyakyusa, Tanzania

LCSH: Kinship--Tanzania//Nyakyusa (African people)


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