Wilson, Gordon M.. Homicide and suicide among the Joluo of Kenya:

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Title: Homicide and suicide among the Joluo of Kenya:

Published in: African homicide and and suicide, edited by Paul Bohannan

Published By: African homicide and and suicide, edited by Paul Bohannan Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1960. 179-213, 273-274, 287-288 p.

By line: G. M. Wilson

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2010. Computer File

Culture: Luo (FL11)

Subjects: Offenses against life (682); Sex and marital offenses (684); Liability (672); Inter-community relations (628); Status, role, and prestige (554); Behavior toward non-relatives (609); Crime (674); Polygamy (595); Gender status (562); Education system (871); Clans (614); Territorial hierarchy (631); Missions (797); Eschatology (775); Crime (674); Miscellaneous sex behavior (839); Life history materials (159);

Abstract: The aim of this source and the others in the collection 'is to provide description and analysis of the culture patterns which involve homicide and suicide in several African societies.' The author provides brief background data on the identification of the Luo, their location, social organization, and recent changes brought about by European contacts. He then discusses several aspects of the society particularly related to the subject, such as attitudes toward death in general, violence, the effect on kinship and community groups of homicide and suicide, and the reaction usual to such events. The body of the source is devoted to specific cases of homicide and suicide selected from numerous examples to indicate the variety of motives, methods and results encountered.

Document Number: 19

Document ID: fl11-019

Document Type: Essay

Language: English

Field Date: ca. 1950

Evaluation: Social Anthropologist-5

Analyst: George R. Bedell ; 1960

Coverage Date: 1949-1960

Coverage Place: Luoland, Kenya

LCSH: Luo (Kenyan and Tanzanian people)


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