Hartmann, H.. Some customs of the Luwo (or Nilotic Kavirondo) living in South Kavirondo:

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Title: Some customs of the Luwo (or Nilotic Kavirondo) living in South Kavirondo:

Published in: Anthropos -- Vol. 23

Published By: Anthropos -- Vol. 23 Vienna: Anthropos Administration, 1928. 263-275 p.

By line: By The Rev. H. Hartmann

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2010. Computer File

Culture: Luo (FL11)

Subjects: Conception (842); Childbirth (844); Extended families (596); Polygamy (595); Sexual intercourse (833); Abortion and infanticide (847); Postnatal care (846); Ceremonial during infancy and childhood (852); Diet (262); Secondary marriages (587); Sex and marital offenses (684); Status of adolescents (882); Ecstatic religious practices (786); Alcoholic beverages (273); Burial practices and funerals (764); Mourning (765); Agricultural science (242);

Abstract: In this brief article Hartmann describes in detail the Luo customs regarding birth, betrothal, marriage, burial, and mourning. The differences between Hartmann's account and those of Hobley, Roscoe and others may be a regional variation. Hartmann worked in the area south of Kavirondo gulf in contrast to the other authorities who mostly reported on the northern areas. Evans-Pritchard observed considerable local variation among the Luo.

Document Number: 11

Document ID: fl11-011

Document Type: Journal Article

Language: English

Field Date: ca. 1920

Evaluation: Missionary-5

Analyst: Robert Lee ; 1959

Coverage Date: 1920-1928

Coverage Place: Luoland, Kenya

LCSH: Luo (Kenyan and Tanzanian people)


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