Evans-Pritchard, E. E. (Edward Evan), 1902-1973. Nuer religion

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Title: Nuer religion

Published By: Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1956. xii, 335 p.: ill.

By line: [by E.E. Evans-Pritchard]

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2002. Computer File

Culture: Nuer (FJ22)

Subjects: Domesticated animals (231); General character of religion (771); Spirits and gods (776); Prayers and sacrifices (782); Magic (789); Priesthood (793); Logic (811);

Abstract: This is an authoritative monograph on Nuer religion. Professor Evans-Pritchard has given a detailed account of Nuer religious beliefs and practices, as well as an analysis of the role of religion in the personal and social life of the Nuer. The impact of cultural contacts with Europeans and the surrounding tribal peoples upon the development of Nuer religious concepts and practices is also noted and clarified. The first seven chapters of the book discuss the ideas of God and spirits, soul and ghost and the concept of sin among the Nuer. Three chapters are devoted to the various forms of sacrifice and their meaning. The spear symbolism in Nuer religion and the role of priests and prophets are given a chapter each. The final chapter is Evans-Pritchard's interpretation of the nature of Nuer religious beliefs and behavior.

Document Number: 16

Document ID: fj22-016

Document Type: Monograph

Language: English

Note: Includes bibliographical references

Field Date: 1931, 1936

Evaluation: Ethnologist-5

Analyst: Robert Lee ; 1957

Coverage Date: 1930-1936

Coverage Place: Sobat and Jonglei Provinces, Sudan

LCSH: Nuer (African people)


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