Lorimer, David Lockhart Robertson, 1876-1962. The Burushaski language: Vol. 1, introduction and grammar

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Title: The Burushaski language: Vol. 1, introduction and grammar

Published By: Oslo ; Cambridge: H. Aschehoug ; Harvard University Press, 1935. i-lxiii p.: ill., map

By line: by D. L. R. Lorimer ; with preface by Georg Morgenstierne

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2000. Computer File

Culture: Burusho (AV07)

Subjects: Anthropometry (141); Cultural participation (184); Grammar (193); Linguistic identification (197); Pastoral activities (233); Animal by-products (237); Water supply (312); Settlement patterns (361); External trade (439); Decorative art (531); Ethnic stratification (563); Kinship terminology (601); Chief executive (643); Theological systems (779); Religious intolerance and martyrs (798); Vocational education (874);

Abstract: Lt. Col. Lorimer was the British Political Agent in Gilgit for the years 1920-1924. During this time he collected much information relevant to the Burushaski language, and in 1934 he returned to the area, remained for a year to complete his three volume work on the Burushaski vocabulary and language, and also collected some inmformation of an ethnographic nature. Of this volume, only the Preface by Morgenstierne and the Introduction have been processed for the file. In the Preface the relationship between Burushaski and other languages is discussed; the Introduction presents a short account of the land of the people.

Document Number: 3

Document ID: av07-003

Document Type: Component part(s), monograph

Language: English

Note: Pages included: lxiii (Preface and Introduction); 10 plates, 1 map.

Field Date: 1920-1924; 1934-1935

Evaluation: Linguist-3

Analyst: Alice McCluskey ; 1955

Coverage Date: 1880-1934

Coverage Place: Hunza, Pakistan

LCSH: Burusho


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