Lorimer, Emily Overend, 1881-. The Burusho of Hunza

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Title: The Burusho of Hunza

Published in: Antiquity -- Vol. 12

Published By: Antiquity -- Vol. 12 [Glouster, Eng.]: Antiquity Publications [etc.], 1938. 5-15 p.: ill.

By line: Emily Overend Lorimer

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2000. Computer File

Culture: Burusho (AV07)

Subjects: Ethos (181); Linguistic identification (197); Pastoral activities (233); Tillage (241); Cereal agriculture (243); Arboriculture (245); Diet (262); Alcoholic beverages (273); Mats and basketry (285); Woodworking (322); Heating and lighting equipment (354); Settlement patterns (361); Industrial machinery (402); General character of religion (771); General character of religion (771); Status and treatment of the aged (888);

Abstract: This short article by the wife of the British Political Agent in Gilgit for the years 1920-1924 discusses very briefly the life of the Burusho of Hunza. The emphasis is on agricultural methods, crops, and the problem of an adequate food supply, but mention is made also of their buildings, tools, water channels, and utensils.

Document Number: 1

Document ID: av07-001

Document Type: Journal Article

Language: English

Field Date: 1920-1924; 1934-1935

Evaluation: Traveller-3

Analyst: Alice McCluskey ; 1955

Coverage Date: 1892-1934

Coverage Place: Hunza, Pakistan

LCSH: Burusho


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